Stats & Facts

Economic and social facts about China, Shanghai or other cities in the country. By any accounts, numbers regarding China are impressive, not just because of the sheer size of the population but also because of the rapidity of development and growth. For example:

– China may have a population of 1.3 billion people but it’s very unevenly spread. In 2009, the coast hosts 44% of the population, with an average density of 449 inhabitants/km2 but covers only 14% of the national territory. By contrast, 11% of the population live in the western provinces which cover 56% of the territory. The average density over this vast territory is 23 inhabitants/km2.

– 60% of Chinese exportations are generated by companies with foreign capitals

– In 1985, there were 19,000 cars in circulation; in 2011, the number reached 78,000,ooo

– There are 100,000 traffic casualties per year

– The Confucius Peace Prize has been attributed to Vladimir Poutine, in honour of his peace efforts to oppose to the NATO bombing in Libya

More trivial and therefore more fun but equally impressive, in China:

– 40 million people play piano

– 1 in 6 Chinese plays badminton

2 Responses to “Stats & Facts”

  1. CA 22 December 2011 at 10:28 #

    Shanghai aurait rétrécit? Lorsque j’y étais je me souviens que la guide disait que le district de Shanghai faisait 10450km2 pour 16 millions d’habitants, chiffres qui n’ont pas manqué de me faire réagir…
    Mes recherches récentes sur internet font état d’une surface de 6 340 km2! (mais la population elle est passée à 23 millions d’habitants. +2!

    • L. 22 December 2011 at 10:35 #

      A mon avis, le departement ou district de Shanghai fait 10450 km2 et la ville de Shanghai 6340 km2. On a calcule a partir de notre carte de la Chine sur le mur de la cuisine et les limites administratives du departement font bien la taille du Liban… mais avec 5 fois sa population!

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