On mid-term exams and anger

24 Nov

Last week was exam week and so I am left with about 80 copies to correct. It’s really no fun for 90% of what I read and definitely the bit of the job that I hate, especially when I see zero efforts put into the answers. I have to say that some students also do not understand anything that I say, when I say anything I mean absolutely nothing. I knew that before, I may have not grasped to what extent their knowledge of English was non-existent from week 1, but by the mid-term exam it was crystal clear.

Of course, when I try to speak to these specific students in class and try to get them to understand something or get an answer from them, all I get is: “Tā shuō shénme?” (What is she saying?), “jiù shì, jiù shì …” (it’s just that, it’s just that…). Yet, when it comes to the exam and they realise they can’t do it at all, one idiot somehow manages to muster a few words to try and bribe me… It drove me absolutely crazy!!! All I’m tempted to do is write a nice big “Fuck off you *@!?/&@%^&*^%!” as an answer and get out all the frustration pent up from teaching these spoilt brats and from the university’s ill-adapted curriculum.

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