Where am I?

20 Oct


…. now slowly but surely on the way to China. Tickets are not only booked but bought for Sunday the 30th. Hotel is booked for Monday 31st. The flight is too long (11 hours) and the timezone too far to get there on the same day.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying a long pit stop in Paris. Good transition I suppose. Not only do I get to say good bye to friends and family here, after bidding farewell to London, I get to bid farewell to Paris, the various places I used to go to, the routes I used to take, the familiar streets, the souvenirs and past habits.

Probably also helping is the fact that I’ve been catapulted from the 2nd floor on Ebury Street to the 11th floor rue Cépré, overlooking west Paris. The building and flat are also much akin to what we are likely to get in Shanghai: tall, concrete, non-descript, residential only building, large floor to ceiling windows along the flat’s width plus a small balcony.

It’s a whole process, I am a lucky girl and it’s all extremely pleasant…  until the next dimension!

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